Ainsworth, Larry

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria – Part 1
Learning Progressions and Lesson-Specific Success Criteria – Part 2

Archer, Anita

The Magic is in the Instruction

Vocabulary Instruction: Words for Everyone Across Grades and Domains (Power Point)

Getting Them All Engaged – Inclusive Active Participation

Getting Them All Engaged – Inclusive Active Participation (Power Point)
Video Links
The Right Questions, The Right Way

Building Foundation Skills for Writing

Building Foundation Skills for Writing (Power Point)
Teaching Elementary School Students to Be Effective Writers
Want to Improve Children’s Writing? Don’t Neglect Their Handwriting

Short Writing Often …Not Just Long Writing Seldom

Short Writing Often…Not Just Long Writing Seldom (Power Point)
Teacher Resource Strategies and Think Sheets Short Writing

Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively
Writing Next Effective Strategies to Improve Writing of Adolescents in Middle and High Schools

Austin, Pam

Vocabulary: Do you Know What it Means?

Bear, Donald

Teaching Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling Developmentally, PreK-3
Upper Level Word Study: Deep and Generative Vocabulary Learning, Grades 4-12

Boyles, Nancy

Aligning Standards, Texts, and Text Dependent Questions: Promoting Deep Thinking Through Close Reading
Helping Students Thrive on Standards-based Assessments: It’s All About the Rigor

Brooks, Robert

“Just Give Me Strategies”: But Strategies for What?
Therapeutic Mindset and Lifestyle Changes: Strategies to Lessen Stress and Burnout

Caroleo, Judie

Rethinking Phonemic Awareness for Older Struggling Readers
Supporting Working Memory in the Classroom

Cavanaugh, Christie

Talk to me! I Need More Words to Help Me Understand, Talk, and Eventually Read and Write!
“The End.” Now What? The Most Important Step for Using Read-Alouds to Boost Oral Language Development 

Corprew, Charles

The Equitable Leader: Creating Impartial Schools and Classrooms

Dahlgren, Mary

Sound Wall vs. Word Wall
Increasing the Power of Tier 1 Instruction Daily Reading Routines

DeWitt, Peter

Hattie’s New #1 Effect Size: Collective Teacher Efficacy (No Handout)
Collaborative Leadership: Six Influences That Matter Most
Student Engagement: Is It Authentic or Compliant?

Dodson, Ana

The Power of Global Education for Girls

Dodson, Judi

A Language Rich Classroom: Oral Language Activities that Facilitate Comprehension
Taking A New Look at the Power of Phonemic Awareness Instruction: Oral Language Links to Phonemic Awareness

Duke, Nell

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Dykstra, Steve

A Developmental Model for Trauma, Growth, and Resilience: The Place for Language and Reading
Psychosocial Development, Trauma, and Systems: Efforts to Impact the Lives of Children

Farrell, Linda

What EXACTLY Is the Difference Between Balanced Literacy and Explicit, Systematic Reading Instruction, and Why Does It Matter?
Spelling Instruction That Sticks

Fierro, Antonio

Strengthening the Instructional Core for the English Learner
Phonological Awareness and the English Learner

Fisher, Douglas

Visible Learning for Literacy
Close Reading in Elementary School
Close Reading in Secondary Schools

Frey, Nancy

Collaborative Conversations
Intentional Instruction: The Gradual Release of Responsibility 

Fuller, Howard

Handouts were not provided by the speaker.

Gibson, Vicki

Developing Foundational Skills for How We “DO” School
Tools for Understanding Research, State Standards, and Best Practices in Schools

Hall, Susan

Best Practices in Decoding Intervention for Struggling Readers in Grades 2-5
MTSS/RtI: What Works?

Hallowell, Ned

CrazyBusy: Overworked and About to Snap!
When You Worry About Emotional and Learning Problems in Children

Hasbrouck, Jan

An Update of the Hasbrouck & Tindal Oral Reading Fluency Norms
Coaching, NOT Supervising 

Hess, Karin

Rigor by Design, Not Chance
Student Work to D-I-E For: Using Student Work Analysis to Improve Assessment Quality, Deepen Learning, and Build Teacher Content Expertise

Hunsaker, Debbie

How Do I Plan and Teach Small Groups and Work Stations?

Hunter, Michael

Preventing Struggling Readers in Kindergarten and Grade One
Help! My Student is Stuck at Sound-by-Sound Reading

Jackson, Jill

How to Intervene with Students Struggling to Think About Grade Level Text
Six Mistakes District Leaders and Principals Make in Rolling Out a New Initiative and How to Simply Fix or Avoid Them!
How to Craft a Debriefing That Prompts Real Action and 11 Classroom Look-Fors That Matter

Johnson, Sam

Handouts were not provided by the speaker.

Johnson, Sandra

Handouts were not provided by the speaker.

Jones, Eric

Handouts were not provided by the speaker.

Justice, Laura

Creating Language-Rich Classrooms for Young Children
Improving Code-Focused Skills in Early Education Settings: Foundations for Reading

Mackie, Calvin

Handouts were not provided by the speaker.

Marten, Jennifer

Coaching Matters: Why Every Teacher Needs a Coach
Building Content Knowledge – Disciplinary Literacy Strategies in the Secondary Classroom

Formative Assessment in Action: Simple Strategies to Move Learning Forward

McCormick, Jennifer

Handouts were not provided by the speaker.

Mitchell, Flint

The Equitable Leader: Creating Impartial Schools and Classrooms

Moats, Louisa

The Dyslexia Dilemma
Text-Driven Comprehension Instruction

Montgomery, Pati

Flipping the Concept of Team Teaching on it’s Head
What Secondary School Leaders Can Do to Increase Outcomes for Students

Moore, Wes

Handouts were not provided by the speaker.

Noguera, Pedro

Equity and Deeper Learning

Paulson, Lucy Hart

Letter Names, Sounds or Both? What the Research Says about Alphabet Learning In Young Children
How am I Learning? Predictive Indicators across the Developmental Domains

Poirier, Amy

High Quality, CLASS-Aligned Instructional Support Strategies That Yield Results

Quinn, Joanne

Leading to Maximize Coherence
Engaging Students in Deeper Learning
Engaging Students in Deeper Learning Slides

Sedita, Joan

Teaching Topic Webs, Two-Column Notes and Summarizing to Support Comprehension
Keys to Literacy: Scaffolds to Support Writing From Sources

Seidenberg, Mark

Language at the Speed of Sight
Language at the Speed of Sight: Continuing the Conversation (No Handout)

Shanahan, Tim

Handouts were not provided by the speaker.

Sitomer, Alan

Handouts were not provided by the speaker.

Sonnier-Netto, Libbie

Sharing the Sandbox: The Role of Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation in Early Childhood

Stewart, Laura

Traveling the Neural Superhighway: Building the Reading Brain

Thomas, Alice

I Understood It, But I Can’t Remember It: Making It Stick
How Do We Develop Critical Thinkers?

Van Cleave, William

Syntax Matters
Preparation for Success! Middle and High School Essays

Word Smarts: Using Roots & Affixes to Build Vocabulary Skills